How Often Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Filters?

Keeping your air conditioner filters clean is essential for effective and efficient indoor air cooling throughout the summer. Not only does it improve air conditioner performance, helping to reduce rising energy bill costs, but it also improves indoor air quality. To ensure your air conditioner is running at its best, it's important to know how often you should clean or replace the filter. As a general rule, you should clean the air conditioner filters inside the indoor unit every two weeks.

In dusty or more polluted environments, you should clean filters more regularly. A good rule of thumb is to check the filter every month. If you already have a Frost King reusable window air conditioner filter, you'll rarely have to change it. Permanent filters are more expensive from the start, but they can save you money in the long run because you can clean them instead of replacing them.

Replacing or cleaning reusable air conditioner filters is essential for effective and efficient indoor air cooling throughout the summer. A clogged filter can reduce air conditioner energy consumption by 5% to 15%. To determine how often the air filter should be changed or cleaned, check the filter label or ask your local HVAC technician. The Department of Energy recommends that consumers clean or replace window air conditioning filters frequently to save energy and money. Cleaning filters is the most important maintenance task you can do to care for your air conditioner.

Whether you're trying to improve your home's air quality for health reasons or want to reduce energy and maintenance costs in your home, regularly cleaning or replacing your HVAC filter is an easy and affordable step in your home maintenance routine.