What Fabrics Can Be Used as an Air Filter?

The non-woven fabric filter mat is a great choice for purifying air in pre-filtration and secondary filtration. This type of fabric can be used to create cassette and pocket filters, as well as for recuperators, pre-filters for spray booths, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, and various workplaces. Spun fiberglass is an economical and reliable resource for filtering air and trapping contaminants. It is especially effective at trapping large particles such as dust and pet dander, while still allowing for superior airflow. When it comes to selecting the right air filter material, there are many options available.

Each type of material is designed to capture different types of recirculated particles. Factors to consider when making a selection include air flow restrictions, retention efficiency requirements, application environment, and budgetary parameters. HEPA filters are often made of fiberglass, but they have a high air resistance that air conditioners are not designed to handle. Paper air filters are bulky or dense in terms of fiber construction in order to achieve effective filtration. Carbon filters should never be washed with soap and water, as this will reduce their ability to filter air or water.

Cloth filters are PM removal devices that use cloth filter elements to collect particles in flue gases. As the filter accumulates particles, it must be removed before the build-up of air pressure breaks the filter. Oven air filters protect oven mechanisms from getting dirty and also remove particles from the air you breathe. Washable air filters have an average MERV rating of between 1 and 4, but they don't have a strong reputation for their air purification performance. The amount of particles accumulated in cloth filters is small, so the resistance increases slowly.

This means that cloth filters can be used for longer periods of time, saving energy and extending the life of the filter bag. Non-woven fabric of this type can be used for the production of cassette and pocket filters, but it also serves as a filter for recuperators, pre-filter for spray booths, ventilation or air conditioning systems, as well as for various workplaces.